Sweet Tennessee

After braving the storms in Arkansas, we arrived in the sweet and peaceful arms of family in Tennessee… our last stop before South Carolina!

While still doing my best to document, I’m learning the value of setting the phone down and just being with the people you’re with. We’re tired, but we’re almost home!


The Grand Canyon

Long overdue video posts from the road!

Well we made it through the Grand Canyon! It was Jackson and I’s first time to see this big crack in America and it did not disappoint! Between seeing the sights, learning how to communicate and finding ways to bear the heat, we’re learning a lot about America… and ourselves 😁 On the road again, but had to pay homage to the raddest canyon I’ve ever seen!

Leaving San Diego

Well, the trip started with me waking up with a cold, which isn’t the best way to start a road trip, but nonetheless we hit the road and headed straight into the blistering hot desert!

Have I mentioned we don’t have air conditioning? Jackson was a champ the whole way through and basically just counted cacti out of the window… no ipads, no screens, no video games, just good old fashioned road trip fun.

I thought I handled it pretty well despite thinking I might die of heat stroke, and Pops just told made up stories about what it would have been like to be one of the settlers… also to have asthma. Yea, I get my random thoughts from him.

Oh, and maybe just maybe we were so desperate for AC we stopped at the mall for a few hours.
But we made it to Arizona! How do people live here?
Family fun! Oh yea… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

(Sorry about the volume on this one, it’s a little low)

The Breakdown

Well, day two of the road trip we haven’t started yet has come and gone, but not without adventure!

Good thing the van broke down before we got to the desert. Today I got to try my hand at being a mechanic, thanks to the guys at San Diego Westy! Then showed my Pops and nephew around San Diego one last time. Jackson really like the public displays of affection.
Saturday morning we hit the road!

Couldn’t have done it without Pete, JJ, Tim and all the guys at San Diego Westy!

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